Thursday, December 17, 2009


I have always believed in God, in Jesus, our mother Mary, our Holy Catholic Church. I do not understand how people do not believe because I have seen the hand of God throughout my whole life. But on the day of Rose's accident as I was calling on Father God I was waiting for Him to physically come down from heaven to heal her. And although he did not create the miracle we begged and pleaded for He stayed with us through each painful and terrifying moment and healed her by taking her home with Him. We know He was here with us because Rose's death did not physically take the life out of us and we know He was here because we have been carried through each scary and sorrowful moment from the day of the accident to up until now.

Now we know grace isn't just a theory. It is tangible. You can cling to it for dear life. It is here for our taking.

After losing Rose, Kevin and I discussed if we ever were to receive another daughter we would consider Grace for her name. Well, our newest addition made her way into the world 4 days before her due date and out of all the 365 days of the year she chose to arrive on the Feast of St. Gratia. Another sign that God is truly present in our lives.

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