Friday, November 11, 2011


All ones...

This is a fun and silly story for me to share because I do not have an ounce of superstition in me. I am overly practical and to the point. I don't need to "see" big, flashy physical signs or miracles in the world to believe because God has always revealed Himself to me in very subtle ways...

Part 1:

Before I met my husband there was another person I was spending time with that once told me he always would notice all ones...on clocks, signs, computers, etc. He was feeling a little lonely in life and decided all the ones he saw, meant he would be all alone. Now this was terribly depressing to hear and although I am not the biggest optimist I knew this was even off for me. Then out of the blue, I start noticing all ones! And I began to get really mad about this because I know I am not "all alone" in the world. I didn't want to take on this bleak aspect! So I thought all the ones did not mean "all alone" and I began looking for a new message for the all ones I started to now see everywhere!

Part 2:

So the night I met my husband (a fun story to share another time) I had found my new take on all ones! By the end of the evening my husband had written his information in my address book I carried with me (yes, this was before smart phones when we walked around with paper address books for our contacts.) When I got home I saw that one of his phone numbers was (***)***-1111. Although I had no idea how smitten I was with this man a smile came across my face and I thought, "Well, look there...these all ones seem to not be such a bad thing!" I soon realized that my husband was the love of my life and the man I was called to marriage with and I started to rejoice when I saw all ones because it didn't stand for all alone...all the ones meant yeah! first place!

So now, when I glance down at my phone and the time says 11:11 I try to very quickly text my husband before it gets to 11:12 and tell him it's 11:11 because this is now our reminder of our days together.

I told you it was a silly story but today is 11-11-11 which is another way to tell my husband he's the "one" for me!