Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy Birthday
Sweet Rose!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


So I am trying to understand why we are being called to make some big changes in our lives as we finally seem settled and content
and this is the passage I was led to most recently from Abandonment to Divine Providence.

In the introduction John Beevers describes the similar thoughts of spiritual views
between Jean-Pierre de Caussade (author) and St. Francis de Sales...

"...Caussade says "abandonment,"
St. Francis generally uses the word "indifference,"
but this is merely a matter of vocabulary.
St. Francis tells us to "ask for nothing and refuse nothing," and declares that
"the indifferent heart is like a lump of wax in God's hands, readily receiving every impression of His will."
He describes as a sure sign that we are truly and perfectly indifferent if we stop in the middle of some meritorious work if God wills it
and turn back halfway toward a worthy goal if He says we should.
Another word used by St. Francis is "detached":
"The detached soul does not care if it is serving God by meditating,
or serving Him by looking after a neighbor
What matters is what God wants the soul to do at this particular time."

So my prayer today is,
"Lord, mold me as you wish
and make sure I don't get in the way of Your plans!