Friday, September 24, 2010

292 Days

292 days was the amount of time we had our Rose here with us.

God allowed us the most special gift we could ever ask for as a enjoy every single moment with her.

All of my children have been angel babies but Rose was different. Rose was bliss in every sense of the word. Sorry kids but there never was a better baby than Rosie...

In God's infinite mercy, He allowed me to memorize every part of her sweet body, perfectly. Who would have known what a gift this would be...

On Sept. 4th our youngest child was 292 days old.

I tried to soak in her every sweet moment at this "age."

Our youngest child has brought such hope and healing in the midst of our grief and despair.

If you have lost a child, be open to new life.

If you cannot bear a child, be open to new life through adoption.

If you can have more children and choose not to make sure you are remaining open to God's life giving love through a life of NFP.

There are no words to describe the blessings of new life in the midst of such pain and sorrow...

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Kevin said...

What a great 292 days those were! I love you!