Sunday, May 23, 2010

On Niceties

So, when we moved back to town, I put a note out we had moving boxes we'd like to pass on to someone else to use. A young woman replied and asked if she could have the remainder of the boxes. Great. When can you get them out of our garage?

Soon we noticed some harps and ornate tops from the lamps were missing. My dear husband (super duper fast but not so thorough guy) must have missed these items in the unwrapped papers.

My husband finds this woman's number, we give her a call and ask if she has these items. She says she does. I ask her if she doesn't mind putting them in the mail for me. She says it would be easier for her to have me pick them up. Bummer. We just gave her a few hundred dollars worth of boxes and she can't drop off these items when she gets the chance and she is not willing to put them in the mail. I ask my husband to forward me her contact info and I will get in touch with her.

Things are busy here from the move. We are trying to catch up with school. The new baby arrives. I ask my husband, "Do you think that woman still has the lamp parts?" "Can you find her number for me again?"

Then, when we are getting ready for bed the other night my husband out of the blue says, "You will never guess who I interviewed today at work..." I can't think of any surprising person it might be. Then he says, "The woman who we didn't get the lamp parts back from." I say, "No way! Are you kidding?" "No." he says. "Well, did you ask if she still has the parts?" "Yes, I did and she said she doesn't think she has them." "Bummer for her..." I say.

Then I ask, "Well, are you going to hire her?" My husband says, "Unfortunately, she is not the right person for the position."

Well, at least she has my husband's number in case she finds the parts...


I know this is a little harsh but I mean really, just what are the odds???

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Gardenia said...

hi, I'm visiting from Catholic Mothers online where you are listed as a new member, and I'm reading down your posts, and then this one. So funny, the way you dsay your hubby said "unfortunately" she's not the right person for the job. chuckle chuckle. he COULD tell her that he realy needs her to bring in those lamp thingys before he can decide whether she is qualified for the job. oh I'm terrible. anyway very nice to meet you, from a fellow Catholic mom blogging.